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    December 17, 2012
    10:00 - 11:00pm EST  

this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we celebrated him as a pure innocent child who had the promise of life ahead of him who brought joy to his family and his community and will be sorely missed. >> heartbroken community of newtown, connecticut, saying good-bye to two of the children
killed in last week's school shooting, this as investigators reveal new details about the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm maureen umeh. as relatives begin to say good- bye to their slain children, investigators in connecticut continue to work to better understand what happened. that includes interviewing two injured witnesses and digging deeper into the gun and computer use of the 20-year-old gunman. two young victims laid to rest monday, 6-year-old jack pinto, a huge new york giant fan, and 6-year-old noah pozner who loved learning how things worked. his twin sister was in a different classroom and survived. >> he was celebrated as a pure innocent child who had the promise of life ahead of him who brought joy to his family and to his community and will be sorely missed. >> reporter: funerals are planned throughout the week as the investigation into the mass shooting continues.
authorities established adam lanza shot his mother four times in the head at their home while she was still in bed. they say he then went to newtown sandy hook elementary school where he shot open an entrance, then fired multiple magazines from a bushmaster ar15 rifle to kill six adults and 20 children from two classrooms before killing himself. mself. >> we begun processing and analyzing the evidence. as i stated yesterday just to use an example, the weaponry, every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. >> reporter: authorities have not given a motive looking into bits and pieces of the shooter's home computer. the hope is searching the smashed computer including e- mails lanza may have sent and websites he may have visited will shed light on his thinking before friday's shooting. they're also investigating lanza's history with firearms. >> there was no connection between the shooting and the school according to authorities in newtown. >> reporter: authorities say sandy hook will remain a crime
scene and closed indefinitely. meanwhile with a nation in pain some are now turning to action. this march in washington calls for stricter gun control measures. president obama attended a vigil in newtown sunday night promising to use his power to prevent strategic dez like this. >> we can't accept -- tragedies like this. >> we can't accept events like this as routine. are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> reporter: investigators plan to interview two adults wounded in the shooting in the hope to reconstruct what happened. meanwhile other schools in newtown reopen tomorrow. a friend of the suspected gunman's mother nancy lanza says the public does not understand how hard she tried to help her son. rich collin said nancy was troubled by her son's strangely distant behavior. he says nancy was a gun collector and naught she could help out by teaching her son -- thought she could help out by teaching her son how to shoot. >> she was trying to find ways
to bond whim and she told me the guns, she would take them shooting because that was a way that, you know, a single mom could relate to her son and so she would take him out shooting. >> collin says he used to meet nancy lanza at a local pub and talk about their common problems. schools across the country and here in our area had counselors and extra police presents outside as students returned to class. administrators hope to ease anxiety felt by students and parents. fox 5's melanie alnwick has more from prince george's county. >> reporter: 1st graders at district heights elementary start their morning discussing a story much like any other day. then something different. >> this is time for everyone to have a moment of sence. >> reporter: silence to remember school kids just like themselves who never made it out of sandy hook elementary december 14th. it's a tough day for parents and staff. >> a moment of silence is our
way of honoring the people that have lost their lives. this is a horrible event. this is our way of joining a nation in grieving for their loss. >> reporter: what happened in connecticut is something every school hopes never to confront but still has to prepare for. >> in prince george's county and across the nation you saw a paradigm shift in the way we handle active threat mitigations after columbine where our goal was once to come and stablize the situation , now understanding our role is to go in and mitigate that there. >> reporter: prince george's county officers like most other police forces get additional training to deal with such a scenario. school staff does, too. >> they are trained in active shooters and lockdown drills and other types of emergency situations that may arise. the best thing is to have an honest and again age
appropriate dialogue with your young person whether it's a 6- year-old. you may not be able to be as graphic or as direct, but certainly to remind them that the administrators and the teachers are there for their safety and if an incident does happen to follow the directions of the teacher and that we are all concerned about your safety. . >> reporter: schools across the area are putting in extra patrols to let the community know they will do whatever they can to keep children safe and in the face of such unthinkable acts a message of kindness. >> part of the moment of silence is to think about how we can continue to care for each other. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the tragedy has sparked new debate over gun control laws. experiments from both sides of the issue weigh in coming up at 10:30. another big story, the fog that is blanketing the d.c. area, you can see a light layer in this live look from our tower cam in northwest. so what can we expect the rest of the night and the morning
commute? sue palka is in the weather center with the latest. some rain as well out there. >> actually the rain is helping. when it rains, the fog disperses a little bit. so that's why it looks better than at 5:00 and we're starting to see more numerous showers develop across the area, but the fog will be very dense in places. so the national weather service has much of our region in a fog advisory until 6 a.m. all these counties you see filled in in the light blue, light gray are under that advisory, but it's really kind of bad in one or two spots at the moment. i would show you the visibilities here and call your attention to baltimore which has been socked in all day, still down to .1 of a mile visibility, annapolis at .3, but off to our west we're starting to see visibilities improve because of rain entering the picture. all of that is to our west. some of these have heavy downpours, not thunderstorms, but it's all out ahead of a frontal boundary that will come through tomorrow morning and what fog is left by the morning i think will get dispersed by
this front, but it's going to hang around between now and then. you can see as we look from oakton up to rockville and eldersburg we have heavier downpours starting to develop. these are all going to hang around for the next few hours and it is again part of a pretty big shift in the weather pattern that will come through tomorrow, a blustery day, a little brighter as a frontal boundary swings on through and kind of clears the fog out which we needed to do because for some spots this has been an all day affair. >> we'll see you later on. want to tell you about a new alert out of virginia tonight. prince william county police are trying to track down a man who sexually assaulted a teenager inside her own home this afternoon on echo court in woodbridge. this is a composite sketch of the suspect. the victim says he knocked on her door, claimed to work for a cable company and then threatened her if she didn't let him in. once inside he pulled out what appeared to be a knife and sexually assaulted the teen. if this man looks familiar, police want to hear from you.
another big story, two alexandria police cruisers stolen less than a week apart. fox 5's lauren demarco is in the newsroom now with the latest developments. >> these are marked cruisers, both ford crown victoria police interceptors taken from outside the homes of police officers in alexandria. luckily with the help of local jurisdictions they were found within hours, but a firearm from one vehicle is missing and the suspect or suspects remain on the loose. >> any time a police cruiser is not safe, what makes you think your vehicle is going to be safe? >> reporter: neighbors disturbed to learn that marked police cars are being targeted in alexandria and they're not alone. >> shock is a fair reaction i think. just shock. >> reporter: captain james bartlett says the first vehicle was stolen from the 2700 block of duke street between late thursday night and early friday morning. prince george's county police located the cruiser abandoned in forestville several hours
later but there were some crucial items missing from inside, a mobile computer and a shotgun. >> it's definitely a danger, yes. after the first car of stolen we made sure all our officers took all their equipment out of the cars at night. >> reporter: which is fortunate because overnight friday into saturday a second cruiser was stolen, this time from the 1500 block of princess street. it was recovered in d.c. with minimal damage. >> it seems so out of the ordinary, never heard of a police car stone. >> reporter: residents have their theories. >> it has to be somebody, you know, that wants to play a prank or prove a point, you know, i took an officer's carpet. >> reporter: but police say the motive is unclear. >> we're not sure what would motivate someone to steel a marked police car. it's pre -- steal a marked police car. it's pretty brazen. >> reporter: within the city of alexandria there are approximately 30 marked take- home vehicles. police say they won't be kept overnight in neighborhoods
until the suspect is behind bars. >> in 30 years here i've never seen this happen before. so i'm hoping i never see it happen again. >> anyone with information about the stolen cruisers is urged to contact police. now again the vehicles were found abandoned a short time after being taken, but until this case is solved authorities say if you're driving and feel uncomfortable during a police stop, you can always pull over and call 911 and just open the window slighty and say you'd like to wait for additional is ofs to arrive at the scene -- officers to arrive at the scene. a mysterious death in d.c., a body found in a park near an elementary school, what we've learned about the investigation and reaction from nervous parents. >> a mom of three proves her doctor is wrong and becomes a medical miracle just in time for christmas, her amazing story at 11:00.
with my keurig vue brewer, i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue. in northeast d.c. tonight a man in his 50s was found shot to death in ft. lincoln park the hill about 100 yards from thurgood
marshall elementary school. a woman walking her dog discovered the body after 11 a.m. this morning. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: on a day when school security was on the minds of so many, anyone curious enough would have been able to glance out the windows of marshall elementary and see crime scene tape and police detectives working on the hillside. an area of ft. lincoln park that backs up to the school. the body was discovered in what appeared to be an area where people could relax on park benches. >> ft. lincoln is really a quiet calm safe community and this is pretty unusual. >> reporter: police say the motive is unclear. commander salberg said there were no reports of gunfire in the hours leading up to the time of the discovery of the body. still parents with children in the school found the scene disturbing. >> i heard it on the radio, a shooting near this area and i knew that it was by my kid's school. >> reporter: you came to make sure everything was okay. >> right, yes, but no
memorandum, anything, nothing came out saying anything. i asked the principal. doesn't know. >> reporter: some people we talked to who -- he doesn't know. >> reporter: some people we have talked to who live in the neighborhood found the murder troubling. others only go into the park during daylight hours. >> since the death like this behind the school, we just went through this yesterday, a couple of days ago. what is going on with these people? wow. wow. i don't come walking at night. i am afraid. i come only with my dog. i know it's big, but i am afraid to come. >> reporter: many people who live in this community view it as very safe. in fact, d.c. police chief cathy lanier lives just a few blocks from here. the interim principal did compose a letter and sent it home with students to give to their parents today basically saying the students were safe at all times and didn't see the crime scene and were shielded from looking outside. in northeast paul wagner, fox 5 news.
53-year-old james caroline has been indicted on capital murder and weapons charges in the murder of an arlington county jewelry store owner this summer. tommy wong was found shot to death behind the counter of capital jewelers on columbia pike in july. caroline was arrested five days later and is due back in court thursday when a trial date is set. caroline is also suspected of robbing a d.c. jewelry store in june. no one was hurt in that robbery. a major development in the fiscal cliff negotiations. today president obama and house speaker john boehner met face to face. now it comes after the speaker proposed a plan that allows for some tax increases on high income earners. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> with the fiscal cliff deadline now 14 days away -- >> can you give us any update, mr. speaker? >> a silent speaker john boehner returned to the capitol after meetings with the president. boehner wants deeper budget cuts. the president wants tax hikes on the wealthy. white house press secretary jay
carney did not say what happened in the meeting but said the president is committed to raising taxes on top earners. >> a certain level of revenue gleaned from the wealthy has to be met and the only way to do that was through in part rates rising. >> the white house wants tax hikes on incomes over $250,000. speaker boehner's new proposal is to increase taxes but only for incomes over $1 million. >> we made a reasonable offer. it's now up to the white house. >> boehner called for compromise last week. his new offer also demands that the $1 trillion in new taxes is matched by spending cuts from democrats. >> if the president will step up and show us he's willing to make the spending cut that are needed, i think we can do some real good in the days ahead. >> many republicans said they wouldn't let anyone's tax goes up, but since failing to reach
a deal would raise taxes on everyone, that stance is softening. >> i am prepared to support the agreement that he ultimately negotiates convinced that it's the best agreement we can get under the circumstances. >> there's a big gap between 250,000 for a couple than a million dollars, but it is in the right direction. >> the bottom line? either lawmakers reach a deal before new year's or the nation goes over the fiscal cliff and everyone's taxes, millionaires and middle class, will both go up. congressional leaders meanwhile are keeping a close eye on the calendar because as we head into the remainder of this week, holiday travel is going to be coming an increasingly big are part of this debate. in fact, some members of congress are already being warned to be ready until a deal is reached. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us tonight with more on these fiscal cliff negotiations. good to see you, mark.
thanks for joining us. what are you hearing? do you think we'll have a deal before the end of the year? >> well, there are report that the president has raised that number from 250,000 to 400,000 what you have is the sort of parameters of the deal where they maybe split the difference. boehner is now for the first time specifically at a number raising the rate to 39.6 for a million. maybe he'll come down to 700,000 or 600,000 then both sides can save face. also i remember jim moran waiting and talking to him. he seems to be amenable to changing the formula for social security payments. the only other sticking point, well, there are many, but another major sticking point is raising the age of medicare eligibility for future retirees, but the president
might have some problems with leader pelosi on that matter, but the whole mood seems to be a lot different and if i could say this, shawn, it also seems that the terrible horrible tragedy in connecticut maybe has affected the tenor where they said look, why don't we do something constructive and positive? everybody is in such sorrow and frustration let's do something good. >> that would certainly be a good thing even if that is what prompted things to start moving forward. i remember some of the last negotiations, the debt ceiling debate. do you think this deal seems to be moving forward because, you know, the tea party is no longer pulling the house speaker's strings, the reelection isn't a factor for the president anymore? >> yeah. the president has leverage where he didn't have before. i'm glad you brought this up that triggered another point which boehner said. the whole thing where the
president said we're not playing this debt ceiling game anymore and boehner has offered supposedly that they would do that automatically at least for a year. so that's constructive as well and then i think something i'd like to mention that i mentioned before, the idea that it's a lame duck. some of these people can't be hurt or retaliated because they're retiring or they're defeated and maybe they'll do something for the country. i think there's a really different aura than there was before. >> hopefully things condition to keep moving forward. when do you think we'll have a deal? >> well, before january 1st. how's that? >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks so much. >> thank you. up next the southern state makes history with the replacement of a retiring u.s. senator. >> and later the red hot redskins are in first place in the nfc east. so when will rg3 return? the playoff push is coming up. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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hawaii senator daniel inouye has passed away. the world war ii vet and medal of honor recipient died from respiratory complications. inouye's wife and son were by his side at the walter reed military center. he was a public servant for nearly eight decades running for the senate in 1962 serving nine terms. south carolina governor nikki haley is appointing congressman tim scott to fill the seat of jim demint to become the first black state senator. demint is stepping down to become president of the conservative think tank the heritage foundation. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton despiting for what she calls the district's respect pushing for a provision in the 2013 defense authorization bill. it would require the armed forces to display d.c.'s flags and the flags of the five territories whenever the flags
of the 50 states are displayed. the congresswoman says she never wants anyone in the military to feel singled out after serving their country. >> there are some differences between us and the states, but we have this in common with the states, serving, fighting and dying in our nation's wars. >> the congresswoman says as american citizens we should expect no less since we are part of the american familiar and all of our flags should be recognized. coming up next the tragedy in connecticut has reignited the gun right debate. two prominent senators say they've already changed their stance. do changes need to be made? experts weigh in next from both sides. hi, i'm lieutenant colonel tammy dodson stationed in italy, want to send a special shout out to my little sister
in alexandria, virginia. happy holidays! ó
this is fox 5 news at 10:00. two prominent democratic senators say the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut changed their stance on gun rights. virginia senator mark warner and west virginia senator joe manchin both now say they support sitter regulation of assault rifles. -- stricter regulation of assault rifles. in the past both men have been strong advocates of the nra. joining us tonight is josh horowitz, executive director of the coalition to stop gun violence and eric pratt, director of communications for gun owners of america. eric, let me start with you. what is your organization's response to the tragedy in
connecticut? >> well, certainly our heart goes out to the families of the victims. i can definitely relate with what they're going through. i myself lost a child through a drowning accident and so i totally understand the angst and pain they're going through, but i would say what the senators are talking about and the politicians are talking about in going after the firearms and banning these or placing more restrictions is not going to make people more safe. in fact, what we have, we've tried this approach over and over. if you look over the last couple decades, almost all except for one of the mass murders that have occurred in this country, they've happened in these gun free zones because good people are scared to defend themselves. on the other hand, in places, though, where guns have been available these mass shootings have been brought to an abrupt halt like the woman who did this at a church in colorado
springs, colorado, as well as an assistant principal in mississippi. >> josh, what's your response? >> i thinof juvenile fantasy we should have teachers prepared to face the type of weapon the bushmaster ar15 they had to face. the truth is these are weapons of war, weapons designed for the battlefield and they're just not appropriate in our schools, in our society and instead of thinking about how you stop someone who has broken into your school with these types of terrible weapons, we need to deescalate the arms race in america and make sure these weapons are banned. i thought joe manchin said it best. he said i'm a deer hunter. i've hunted all my life, but i've never needed more than two or three rounds in my chamber. these bushmasters this guy came with this weapon with 30 rounds, multiple 30 round magazines, a pistol grip designed to kill. no teacher should have to face that. >> eric, let me ask you for a
second there as josh pointed out, we heard from joe man thin talking about that today. we've -- manchin talking about that today. we've heard from other legislators supporting gun control in light of virginia tech and the colorado shooting and now this. why do private citizens need these high powered assault rifles? >> all the places you listed were gun free zones where guns were not allowed and that's the exact problem. why would a citizen want this? preach sighsly for this type of thing like in the loss -- precisely for this type of thing like in the los angeles riots where there were looters and the police and national guards were going in there -- >> excuse me. you're saying people should have high powered weapons for situations like the los angeles riots? >> you and josh go on and on and on. please let me finish my answer. >> excuse me one 2nd, please. we invited you on the show. >> people use these types of guns to protect themselves. >> you said people should be allowed to use high powered
assault weapons in situations like a riot. >> do you think people should be left defenseless is really what's happening here? listen, these gun free zones are not stopping the bad guys from getting guns and using them. the brady campaign says that connecticut has the fifth toughest gun laws in the country. it doesn't stop that guy, that thug, from taking those guns into this school. where have these tragedies been averted? it's been because of joel myrec, assistant principal in mississippi used his gun to stop a shooting. it's because a wore shipper at a colorado -- worshiper at a colorado church used her gun to stop the suspect. >> your organization gun owners of america has been the very organization that put these weapons on the street. you support the limited
advocates. >> john, it's your policies causing all these deaths. your policies caused these people to be sitting ducks. they're sitting ducks. >> you have put these weapons on the street. it's a pretty good gig, sell all these high powered weapons and say to people oh, i'm sorry, we put these weapons on the street. >> it's not about money, josh. no. it's about the constitution. >> eric, let josh finish. we let you talk. >> it's really silly. president reagan was shot with the best trained security force around him. in many of these shootings in, columbine there was armed security guard. in tucson. >> a gun free zone. guns were banned there. >> eric, let me finish. >> josh. eric, can you let josh finish real confirmation eric, just a second. let josh finish. >> you wouldn't let me get my point out. >> somewhere i, it's not going to work if both of -- gentlemen, it's not going to work if both of you can't listen to each other. >> in tucson there was someone
with a concealed carry permit after gabrielle giffords was stopped and the permit holder almost shot the person who disarmed laughner. he didn't shoot, which was great, but the reality of these situations are way too chaotic for the average person. >> show me one person that was shot. >> the level of training to be effective is way too high. we need to deescalate and make sure these weapons are not on our streets and make sure we don't have high capacity ammunition. >> josh, give me one example. >> one second. let me ask you both just a question. josh, president obama says he plans to lay out his plan in the coming weeks. what sort of things do you want to see in this plan? >> i think the two main things, background economics on all gun sales i think is very important in my state where i'm from. you can buy a gun without a background check through a private sale and we have lots of those at gun shows and over the internet and every day in virginia. so we need to close that and then we also need to make sure
that we get rid of these assault weapons. >> it's not going to work. >> sought weapons and high capacity magazine -- assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> it's not going to work. >> eric, i'm going to let you have the final word. >> i think we need to do a better job of mental health screening and i think it's important we look at the totality of the situation, 30,000 gun deaths every year, almost 100,000 americans shot every year and make policy to protect lives. >> eric, i'm going to let you jump in with the final word on this tonight. >> more gun control is not going to work. guns are used 50 times more often in this country according to the clinton justice department to save life than take life. all the poes josh is advocating are cost -- policies josh is advocating are cost lives. if you want to save lives and allow people to protect the children, you need to allow people like assistant principal joe myrick, not punish him for saving children's lives. >> i guess we can tell that this debate will take a while to work out, especially in our
nation with so very different opinions, but josh horowitz, executive director of coalition to stop gun violence, eric pratt, director of communications for gun owners of america, thank you for being here tonight. trying to make sense of the tragedy in newtown, dr. oz and a panel of experts joined us today with some advice for parents struggling to explain this horrific event to their kids. >> as difficult of a conversation as it is, i think parents ought to control the information flow. i'd much rather my kids hear about it from me or my wife than from the web or wherever. they're going to hear about it at school. i would strongly encourage parents to have the conversation. >> this normally does not happen that, specifically they should not be worried, that all schools are a safe place to go to on a regular basis. >> if they're younger and not
eating, not sleeping, acting out more, being more anxious in general, maybe you need to talk about it's time to talk to a therapist if those things aren't resolving. schools across the country had extra counselors and police presence as students returned to class today. coming up judgment day for the so-called hollywood hacker. also ahead tonight. >> reporter: if you've ever waited tables, you know how hard it support of i'm beth parker, coming up the story of a gigantic tip just in time for the holidays.   this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  
the nurse caught in the middle of that royal hoax phone call has been laid to rest. jacintha saldanha hanged herself after two australian djs prank called the hospital
to get information on kate middleton's condition. the djs apologized and have been suspended. today a california judge sentenced the hollywood hacker to 10 years in prison. james patero is accused of hacking the online accounts of a list celebrities and former co-workers including scarlett johansson, mila kunis and christina aguilera. many private pictures ended up online. another drug bust at dulles airport. authorities caught a guatemalan man trying to bring cocaine into the u.s. from el salvador. the man hid 4 pounds of cocaine inside jars filled with stew. no criminal charges have been filed. the man is seeking asylum. this is the seventh drug bust in the past year at dulles. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, big news for soda lovers, a major ingredient in diet pepsi is about to change. we'll tell you why the company thinks you'll like this new recipe even more. >> and easy bake oven is about
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got a little good news, bad news weatherwise. >> the good news is the fog is going out, but the bad news is we've got some rain. >> can't win for trying. >> i do think it will all be better by morning. if you're traveling tonight, you're going to run into showers or fog, so you'll need some extra time. when we were looking at this camera at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight, we could not even see the street, so definitely improved, but you can see the little windshield wiper going by and the showers that have come through the area dispersing the fog a bit. not everybody is getting showers, but we will have a number of hours of some showers pushing through ahead of a cold front that will cross the area tomorrow. we'll start with the headline i think most of you want to see whether we're good, bad or indifferent, drier for the
morning commute. the showers will be gone before dawn, but while we're waiting for the cold front and after the showers stop that's when we could actually see the fog which has dispersed in some spots, starting to get a little bit thick. it will only be a shorten defer before the cold front tomorrow morning comes through and -- short endeavor before the cold front tomorrow morning comes through and gets what's left. what we are getting tonight is actually helpful. in a few spots you may pick up close to an inch. closer to this area we've had a fast band of showers moving west to east. it's already crossed 370. we'll put this into motion. you can see how quickly everything is moving out ahead of a frontal boundary. we have one stalled over our area that's a warm front and another one out to our west spinning with an area of low pressure. it will swing through here and kick up the breeze tomorrow eventually. you can see what's happening. we also have the beginning of what's called a dry slot. so it's just a little while with these showers coming on through and wow is, it mild out.
some of that mild air also kind of trapped. we have an inversion and fog has formed across the region. all the counties filled in here in that light blue have a fog advisory until 6 a.m., but this last hour the visibility with the rain has really improved like annapolis when i was showing you this at the beginning of the broadcast, i think it was .3 of a mile. now they're up and over a mile. baltimore has the best visibility of all day and the shower starting to come through and a little breeze. right at the moment it's a little better, not so much for quantico and other spots may see the fog redeveloping for a short amount of time. then the front comes through, area of low pressure riding up to our north and east pulls in the breezes and at times we'll have a west wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour tomorrow as high pressure begins to settle in. we'll have some sun tomorrow, but i also think there will be enough cold air aloft we'll build in a little deck of
clouds. wednesday we'll have the clouds chased away. futurecast shows us some good lines matching up nicely with what is happening around the region, but by 8 a.m. it's out of here. even the fog should be gone. we continue with a couple showers in the mountains. as we go through the afternoon, i think clouds could build up to bring us spottier showers. notice it's trying to do here in northeastern maryland. that will move out bringing us a lovely day for our wednesday and the next chance of showers -- and this might be a much more substantial batch -- will be thursday night primarily beginning in the afternoon and continuing into the probably first part of our overnight hours. so that's the next chance of rain. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast because this is the run-up to christmas eve on this seven-day forecast. it's a good 1. i've got temperatures mostly in the 50s. in fact, it is the warmest we've been all day right now. tomorrow also a mile day, 58 degrees, but a little breeze.
so it might not feel quite that warm and we're still in the 50s wednesday and thursday. again thursday looks like it might be pretty active in the afternoon with showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder for some spots. then the colder air comes in, but notice it's still dry. so it will feel more like december, but it's not going to look like a white christmas here the way things look right now. >> thanks, sue. the redskins got a huge lift from their backup quarterback sunday. now if the boys in burgundy continue their playoff bush who will start as quarterback? sport director scott smith is here with the latest. >> i wish i could give you the answer, but that comes down to how healthy rg3 is this weekend, but cousins' performance sunday against the browns gives everyone more confidence that he can get the job done if griffin is not cleared yet by doctors. a look back at cousins' first start yesterday, started out a little shaky, just one of his first six passes completed, but things began to turn around
once he completed this 54-yard pass to leonard hankerson making that catch in triple coverage, the first of two td passes to hankersons on the day. cousins had 329 passing, the second most by any redskins rook case, a great performance but not good enough to keep -- rookie, a great performance but not good enough to keep griffin on the sidelines if the doctors give him the go ahead. >> if doctors give him the go ahead, he's going to play. that's what they get paid for. when you've got guys like london fletcher and trent williams and a lot of guys are hobbled right now and we expect everybody to play if the doctors okay it. we're going to play robert when he's 100%. when that ligament is fine and the doctors feel that there's no chance for injury, he can go out and perform at the level in a game situation without injury, we're going to go with our starter. >> there's a chance we find out griffin's status wednesday if he's able to participate fully
in practice and finally if you're looking for an rg3 jersey for christmas, you're not alone. griffin's jersey has become the best selling nfl jersey in any one season. how about that. >> with good reason. scott smith, thanks a lot. redskins linebacker london neverrer is accusing a security guard of assaulting -- fletcher is accusing a security guard of assaulting a family member after sunday's game in cleveland. >> fletcher is from cleveland. he said today he thinks the browns fans were harassing his family and instead of helping he said a security guard assaulted a family member which led to several cousins and a nephew arrested. his aunt was hospitalized with neck injuries. talk about a secret is santa, a surprise at a -- secret santa, a surprise at a virginia restaurant. >> surviving an organ transplant tough enough, one woman in her 30s had three all at the same time, her story next.
say. waitress at a northern virginia restaurant working -- a waitress at a northern virginia restaurant working on her college degree got quite a surprise. >> reporter: they came, they ate, they tip bombed. what's a tip bomb? it's a surprisingly huge tip for a waiter or waitress. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: and he wasn't even the recipient. lonnie lazeer is the head coach at the sports bar on nutley street in fairfax and will be the first to tell you servers earn their money. >> they work very hard on their feet 10, 11, 12 hours a day. >> reporter: watch this video taken during lunch this past friday. a group came into glory days. >> they didn't tell anybody. >> reporter: however. >> they went above and beyond and did a super gracious thing. >> reporter: we tracked down a
member of the group. they wanted to remain anonymous, but it's captured on video. the total bill $208, the tip a whopping $903, more than 400%. >> the server had an initial reaction that there was a mistake made. >> reporter: the group quickly scooted out the door, but later the server did get a chance to talk to them on the phone. now the tip bombers chose the restaurant but didn't necessarily select this waitress. they just happened to be seated at this table in her section. >> a very long term employee and obviously you don't see that a lot in restaurants, somebody who worked here a long time and near a college student. so i'm sure that will help with something somewhere down the line. >> reporter: the group does this from time to time. they have a website they want to remain anonymous but hope it's contagious. >> i think that it should catch on and everybody should go tip bomb somebody. >> reporter: in fairfax beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the spirit of the